Builder of Stone Arch Bridge Models for distinguished model railroads

model train bridge

I make stone arch bridges and viaducts for O gauge and other model railroad gauges.     They are hand made, generally one of a kind, I do custom work when asked, and some my work can be viewed here, online.

Hello, my name is Tim, and I have been doing this now for a few years.    I decided to make a website so that there is a place potential customers can go to conveniently view a portfolio of some of my work.

I make O gauge, G gauge, S gauge, and HO gauge model train bridges out of various materials.  They are extremely durable, and lightweight. I also make displays for train vendors for train shows to help increase their sales, and static displays for the train collectors.     My bridges make great gifts for the train enthusiast, be it Dad, Grandpa, or whomever.    I can make straight bridges, curved bridges, level or inclined, and even skew arch bridges and viaducts.     I make two versions of the Rockville bridge, and can even make a rendition of the stone arch bridge in Minneapolis.     I have made the Bellows Falls, VT double stone arch bridge, and others, as well.     Feel free to browse my website in order to get a look and feel for my work.


My 13′ curved stone arch viaduct with skew arch, made the cover of Classic Toy Trains Magazine, on the October, 2013 issue!

Classic Toy Trains Magazine

I also have a bridge in a Museum!   

That’s right, front and center at the Detroit Historical Museum’s Glancy Model Train Layout in Detroit, MI.

I built it for their layout by request.

It is truly a work of art of which I am very proud.

Take a look for yourself!

Detroit Historical Museum Glancy Train Exhibit

I used artistic license in order to fill a ravine on their model train layout using the real bridge in Adrian, Michigan as my inspiration.


American Flyer Bridges

The two bridges above are finished on one side only, as the other side will not be visible to viewer after installation on the layout.

Up next, is a model train bridge that I painted differently one side vs. the other, it serves as a display bridge for train shows:

2 arch, O gauge, stone bridge, viaduct, Tim W, gray side out

It is 24″ long, 5″ deep, and 5 1/2″ high, with 4 5/8″ clearance below the arches.    It is designed to be substituted in place of Lionel/MTH trestle bents or other supports for the upper level tracks.

5 arch O gauge stone arch bridge
5 arch low bridge

The above bridge is 5′ long, I will soon be making a shorter version of this bridge, and posting it for sale on this site.

Below is my version of the Bellows Falls, VT stone arch bridge.

Bellows Falls Bridge prep for Greenberg Show

The real bridge exists and crosses the Connecticut River between Vermont, and New Hampshire, at Bellows Falls.

This model train bridge is O gauge, about 7′ long, comes with 3 removable bases, and the bridge itself, is in 2 parts, each roughly 3 1/2′ long.   It is single track, and about 6″ in width.    I can also make double track.

It is made of a reinforced 1/2″ plywood core with veneer stonework and masonry.    It weighs about 20#’s per section, or 40#’s total.   It is extremely strong, and can carry a lot of weight!

Note:   The above bridge has been sold, although I will make another upon request.


I also make faux model train bridges.

What are faux bridges you ask?

They fit in a spot that you allocate for a bridge, they fit in under your existing bench work, as they carry no weight, they are basically scenery, and their job is to look pretty.

They are often detailed only on the side facing the viewer, which reduces cost to the customer.

Below is an example of a curved faux bridge for a double track corner on a layout.    The bridge is just beyond the black truss bridge on the upper level.

Curved, skew, faux bridge

and another one below, this one being curved, sloped, and skew, and three tracks deep.

train bridge
curved, skew faux bridge


Train Show Vendors, Collectors, Dealers, take note!

My bridges can be the perfect complement to display your beautiful locomotives or trains and rolling stock for that eye catching “WOW” factor in order to sell your items quickly at train shows, or for the Collector, to show off and display your trains in your train room.

Dealers…….. my bridges are made with you in mind!    They are tough as nails, yet light as can be.     They can be tossed around enroute from train show to train show, and you really can’t hurt them.    They are durable, the pieces fit together like a glove, and can be assembled in minutes for a train show.    They can also serve as a built-in test track at the show, so that a prospective customer doesn’t have to leave your booth with your locomotive and go elsewhere in the building in order to test the locomotive that you may be selling.

13 Arch at Greenberg Show
6 Section, 13 Arch Train Show Display Bridge completely assembled

The bridge above was built as a display for train shows.

It recently appeared at the Greenburg Train Show in Chantilly, VA in August 2015.

Jeb Kriigel, of JT’s MegaSteam Smoke Fluid displays it at his booth, and it will be making the rounds on the east coast train shows, including the York meets.     Look for it there.

This bridge is amazing and is 20′ long.    It is sectional, and can be built with as many arches as the customer desires.    It is double track, O gauge, and each arch is about 12″, and the bridge is about 14-15″ tall.    It has a wood deck, and is made entirely of foam.    It is very durable, and can handle much weight, as it is very strong, indeed, as are all of my bridges.    This whole bridge, deck included, weighs only 28#’s.

This bridge can be made with 1 arch, 4 arches, 7 arches, 9 arches, 11 arches, 13 arches, or unlimited, and actually everything in between, with some additional modification.

For cost, figure roughly about $250.00 for the first arch, and $ 150.00 per arch, thereafter, a 1 arch would be about 3-4′ long including end abutments, a 4 arch about 7-8′ long, etc., etc.

Sectional double track arch bridge
Long view of model bridge
assembled sectional bridge
Pennsy type bridge
Pennsylvania bridge
bridge abutment
under arch

The bridge above, I recently made for a customer in Pennsylvania.

It is a sectional bridge, consisting of 4 sections, double track, lightweight, yet very strong, and, as you can see from the photos, sitting on glass.

5 arch O gauge stone arch bridge
model train display bridge

This too, was made as a static display, it is O gauge, 5′ long, and makes the train show circuits with Jeb.   It is a beauty, hand painted by myself, in oil pastels.

I will soon be making a shorter version of this bridge, which will be very lightweight.


My bridges are unique, they are one of a kind, as they are handmade.   They can be the perfect complement to show off that beautiful train or locomotive.    Customers have used them as static displays in order to do just that.

But the bridges themselves might be considered a collectors item by some……something to think about.


One of my modest sized and reasonably priced, beautiful stone arch bridges would make an excellent gift for the Grandpa who loves his trains!        Imagine how incredibly surprised and touched he would be to know how loved he is by his children and grandchildren with such a thoughtful gift honoring him and his love for trains.     You can have a plaque inscribed and permanently affixed to the bridge honoring him.     What a fine gift!!!! He would be the envy of his friends.     He could display the bridge in his train room, on a coffee or end table, on a shelf in the family room, or on the fireplace mantle.

They are light, strong, durable, and can be shipped at a reasonable cost.

This is an example of one I made in O gauge.

model train bridge
gift bridge


Show off your love for trains in your man cave, family room, office, den, etc.

Not everyone has the necessary space for an actual train layout, but it isn’t always necessary to get the look and feel of a train room even without the layout.

One of my lightweight, beautiful stone arch bridges might be just the accent to display your favorite locomotive keepsake.     Bring back the nostalgia of an earlier time in your life, and showcase a beautiful one of a kind conversation starter.


It is really very simple.

As a general rule, I require no money up front in most cases.

Simply contact me, preferably by email, and express an interest, and let me know your budget.    Provide pertinent details that I would need to know.

If it is complicated, we can schedule a telephone call.

If your budget is within reason, I will likely agree to make the item, or we will negotiate on detail necessary to keep it within your stated budget, if we have to, and I can be most reasonable.

I may ask for a few photos of where on your layout the bridge is to be installed.     A few photos gives me an idea of the surrounding scenery.

I may ask for a template if it is a curved bridge, or basic measurements, if it is straight or to be inclined.

I send progress photos as I work on your bridge, and final photos when complete.    I generally expect payment when it is finished, and ready to ship.

Depending upon the bridge, I may include shipping in the price.     For large sectional bridges, or large one piece bridges, I also offer personal delivery up to 500 miles round trip from Macomb County, MI, in lieu of shipping costs, and personal assistance in setting the bridge into your specific location on your layout, for an additional charge.    We can discuss this if you are interested.     I do recommend this on large bridges, as they are cumbersome and expensive to ship, and as they are one of a kind, they cannot easily be replaced or repaired, if damaged in transit, and although the bridges themselves are generally very tough, handrails and ornations aren’t.

For interest in discussing a custom made bridge for your layout, please feel free to contact me by email, using the contact form below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim W

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Tim W